The BTR Code of Practice: Principle 3

3. Actively respond to the climate crisis with responsible environmental policies and practices. 

Signatories will:

  1. Demonstrate a clearly identified published approach to decarbonisation, minimisation of the use of natural resources, and circular economy principles.

  2. Adopt a Net Zero target by 2050 (if not earlier), underpinned by a clear pathway including a ‘retrofit first’ approach to legacy assets where practicable.

  3. Measure, monitor, manage and benchmark energy, waste and natural resource use performance.

  4. Educate, advocate and incentivise all key stakeholders about their responsibilities with respect to the climate crisis.

  5. Achieve institutional quality sustainability/ environmental standards.




  • Proactive awareness of new and emerging regulatory and policy
    requirements at local and national levels.

  • Drive forward operational energy efficiencies of assets.

  • To provide clarity to suppliers and contractors on their responsibilities.


  • Promote positive engagement with customers on the topic.

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