The BTR Code of Practice: Principle 1

1. Embed professional standards across all stakeholders prioritising ‘safety-first’ and nurturing customer loyalty.

Signatories will:

  1. Ensure recognised exacting standards of health, safety and security are hallmarks of all activity, protecting employees and external stakeholders.
  2. Manage and/or oversee property management teams that adopt a responsive and accessible culture, accountable for meeting institutional quality.
  3. Operate or subscribe to The ARL recognised qualification and continuous professional development programmes, appropriate to the seniorities/roles of all property management employees  e.g. IRPM programme.
  4. Ensure all work is carried out by suitably qualified people and require achievement of appropriate equivalent standards from all outsourced suppliers.


  • Demonstrate the professionalism of the service offer through high management standards.
  • Provide assurance that property management teams have attained and maintained expected technical competences.
  • Provide and promote CPD for property management staff.
  • Promote residential property management as a career option with appropriate pay, recognition, and promotion opportunities.
  • Demonstrate proactive management of sub-standard performance so employees who fail to pass the relevant exams or meet the requirements of the programmes should not be permitted unaccompanied interface with customers until they have done so.

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