The 2024 ARL Annual BTR Conference

10:00 am – 18:00 pm Conference

18:00 pm – 20:00 pm Awards & Celebration

Your opportunity to help elevate the rental living sector – be a part of the only conference designed to support and grow the BTR sector.

The 2023 Annual BTR Conference from the Association for Rental Living – formerly UKAA – was praised across the BTR sector as having the strongest content of all BTR conferences, addressing key issues to drive BTR forward and giving delegates the opportunity to be engaged in developing actions for the ARL and for the sector.

This year we focus on elevating rental living – to Government, policy makers, local authorities, consumers and across the wider BTR sector.

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Testimonials from 2023


Tim Stephen

Some reflections from yesterday’s excellent The UKAA conference.

  1. Organisation top notch as usual – Brendan Geraghty Emma Henderson and the team should be very proud in stormy circumstances.
  2. Speakers were and content was also excellent- you know it is good when you can’t decide which breakout session to go too!!
  3. The messages were clear from the stage;
  4. Massive opportunity for residential rental property to become one of, if not the biggest sector in the UK
  5. Genuine desire to do the right thing in terms of people/planet and profit
  6. Feeling that we have got through the growing up phase and we are now moving into BTR 2.0. So much has happened over the past three years and yet we are learning everyday and getting stronger for it.
  7. The actions were all on the same page moving in the same direction – education/esg/whole life carbon to name but three. There was one session that even wrote a housing strategy for the (any) government.
  8. However, the biggest takeaway was the BTR market and especially The UKAA is like a fantastic family – on a personal note having missed the last two big events it was so good to see everyone!


Cowan Architects

We had a great time at The UKAA Annual Build to Rent Conference & Awards 2023, where single family BtR homes, ESG, data collection and building safety were the key driving themes.

The event featured insightful keynote addresses, expert panel sessions, and engaging discussions on the future of the Build to Rent sector.

It is inspiring to be part of a community committed to shaping the future of rental housing and creating thriving communities not just within our cities, but wider afield.

With huge thanks to Brendan Geraghty, UKAA CEO, for making his usual incredible effort along with his team in bringing this annual ‘must attend’ event together.


Jon Hammond

On Thursday the The UKAA hosted its annual #BTR Conference and Brendan Geraghty set a challenge of every panel and attendee having actions to take away to address some of the above, and more.
-> The scene was set by Adam Challis who looked at the challenges facing the industry, and providing a framework for the days discussions. These included the governance gap, productivity gap and deprivation gap.
-> Tom Willows & Jonathon Ivory both spoke of the dangers of rent control legislation, and the need for clear, long term stakeholder support including the end of chopping and changing at a Government level. Since 2021 there have been 5 housing ministers, which does not support investment or development.
-> James Saunders spoke of the anchor points required for regeneration, giving Quintain Limited as an example of what had gone wrong, what they learnt, and the success and future or #Wembley
->Again looking at longevity Iain Murray from Cortland spoke about whole life costing, and reminding suppliers and investors whole life was not 5, 10 or even 15 years, but 30+


Tracey Hartley

I’m looking forward to seeing the calls for action from yesterday’s conference translate into solid progress so we continue to create and maintain homes we are proud of where people thrive.


Jessica Turner

A fantastic morning at the UKAA annual BTR conference.
I particularly enjoyed the suburban BTR conversation with David Reid & Jonathon Ivory.
Also an interesting and hard hitting session from Jo Green about qualifications in our industry.


Michael Ord, Ruckus

Long but rewarding day at The UKAA’s Annual BTR Conference & Awards 2023 yesterday.

As well as the many old and new faces we got to engage with I also had the pleasure of being part of a panel with Tom France, Ed Suttie and Brendan Geraghty discussing Carbon and financial risk in the built environment. Eye opening to learn just how much emphasis stakeholders and operators are placing upon decarbonising the built environment and, how little there currently is in terms of guidance to achieve these targets.


Bela Zavery, WBD

It’s wonderful to see clients, colleagues and others in the BTR sector at The UKAA 2023 Build To Rent Conference.

Fantastic to see our very own Tom Willows on the panel with Jonathon Ivory and David Reid speaking on “Driving and Delivering Suburban BTR”.


David Phillips

It was great to spend the day with thought leaders, understanding the trends, opportunities and concerns within the industry. We’re excited to continue our support for the BTR sector in achieving Net Zero and see what lies ahead in the future with ESG.

A few words from our CEO, Nicholas Gill .

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to UKAA on behalf of David Phillips for your encouragement to push ahead with looking at, and trying to impact positively whole life costing. The awards are a great achievement and will make a massive difference to enthusiasm levels in a time when budgets are thin and time is short (as always).”


Paul Belfield, Rund

Well done on a great conference



Congratulations on a fantastic conference yesterday.


Noa Dekel, Harris Associates

The atmosphere at UKAA was fantastic, and we’re glad to have been a part of it.


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