ESG and Sustainability

Get started on your net zero journey

Here are the answers to the operational and legal issues

For boardrooms of the future, net zero is a big part of the agenda.

But for people already operating in the sector, how do you make this work in practical terms?

In this Q&A, Amber’s founder Nick Proctor and director Tim Stephen address some of the operational and legal questions being asked right now. 

Topics covered: 

  • UK Government emissions targets and ambition 
  • Private sector approach to net zero 
  • On the ground at COP26: public and private sector attitudes 
  • Compounding the impact: individual choice vs business decisions 
  • Top tips for business (just get started!) 
  • Jargon busting: carbon targets, net zero, equilibrium states – what do they actually mean? 
  • Business implications of B Corp Certification: employer and employee points of view  
  • Why achieving net zero today is easier than net zero in 10 years’ time 

Questions answered: 

  • How can a business prioritise climate change if it is under pressure to perform? 
  • How do people know how much carbon they’re using? 
  • What is green washing and how do I know if that’s going on? 
  • Are Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) only for big companies? 

Amber's Nick Proctor and Tim Stephen answer key questions around the journey to net zero in Build to Rent

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