Next Generation Rental

Guide to accessing corporate lets

This webinar gives Build to Rent owners a guide to accessing corporate rentals


Answering all the questions around short-term rentals

Merilee Karr, of TrustedStays, and Francesco Morgante, of Altido, discuss the opportunities, challenges and practicalities of flexible corporate rentals from a BTR perspective. 

Topics covered: 

  • The corporate lets: the $156 billion opportunity 
  • Managing your flexible corporate lets 
  • Partnership vs. own management 
  • Entering a new geo market 
  • Route to accessing corporate lets commercially and practically 
  • Accessing corporate and government demand through the Global Distribution System 

Answers to the questions: 

  • How do corporate stays differ from AirBnB? 
  • What are the challenges with corporate lets? 
  • How does revenue compare to longer lets? 
  • How do we protect the interests of our longer-term residents? 
  • How do design, quality and safety standards differ from longer lets? 

Watch this for all you need to know about accessing corporate lets in the BTR industry

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